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One80 Intermediaries’ community service wholesale insurance coverage spans a diverse range of essential sectors, ensuring that organizations can fulfill their missions while mitigating potential risks. This coverage not only protects these vital community assets against unforeseen events like accidents, property damage, or liability claims but also promotes their ability to serve and support the communities they’re deeply rooted in. Whether it’s providing safety nets for campers, safeguarding places of worship, enabling nonprofit initiatives, or enhancing the security and well-being of senior residents, community service insurance coverage plays a pivotal role in sustaining and strengthening these vital pillars of our society.

Community Service Coverages

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Camps, Sports, & Outdoor Recreation

One80’s Camps, Sports, & Outdoor Recreation wholesale insurance coverage provides essential protection for businesses and organizations involved in outdoor activities and sports

St Philips, Episcopal Church, Germantown, North Carolina, USA

House of Worship

One80’s House of Worship coverage offers comprehensive protection for religious institutions, ensuring they can focus on their spiritual missions with peace of mind


Nonprofit + Human Services

One80’s Nonprofit + Human Services coverage is tailored to protect organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities

Young positive caregiver taking care of senior man in nursing home

Senior Living Facilities

One80’s Senior Living Facilities insurance coverage is designed to provide comprehensive protection to retirement homes, assisted living communities, and nursing homes

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