One80 Intermediaries’ Private Equity and Transactional Liability wholesale insurance coverage is a specialized financial protection tool designed to address the unique risks faced by private equity firms and businesses engaged in mergers, acquisitions, and other high-value transactions. Private Equity and Transactional Liability insurance play a crucial role in enhancing the security and efficiency of complex corporate transactions in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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With over two decades experience, One80’s Private Equity professionals are renowned for delivering tailored coverage solutions and comprehensive protection for private equity firms, their portfolio companies, and investment professionals. With a deep understanding of the industry, we work with our clients to address the unique risks and challenges of the private equity sector.

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One80 aims to offer expertise, specialized solutions, and innovations to support your service to Private Equity Funds and their affiliated companies. Equally vital is our capacity to function according to deal schedules. Deals seldom finalize during standard business hours; timely responses are crucial. Our services encompass transactional coverage such as Representations and Warranties as well as D&O, General Liability, Environmental, and Cyber insurance.

Chief Restructuring Officers (CRO’s) can be retired senior executives or professional consultants that are brought into a distressed company to help the company address existing challenges and re-establish a pathway to profitability. A CRO may be engaged as an independent party or as part of a larger boutique consulting firm that specializes in turnarounds.

The private capital investor market undergoes cyclical changes, and the insurance safeguarding their investments must adapt accordingly. To assist our broker partners, we’ve established a platform that provides a wide range of carrier options and coverage terms, enabling clients to choose language that aligns with their distinct needs while ensuring market leading coverage. Before a carrier becomes part of our program, we rigorously assess their policy against approximately 65 specific coverage considerations. This approach offers the versatility to provide essential coverage while accommodating specific language preferences of the client and their legal counsel.

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