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In August 2020, One80 announced that we had acquired National Underwriting Services, Inc. (NUS), a full service Managing General Underwriter of medical stop loss insurance. Now known as NUS/One80, the team and services have all remained.

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in the San Antonio, TX area, National Underwriting Services is a specialty underwriter of medical stop loss coverage for self-funded employers across the United States. At NUS/One80 we take pride in our customized approach to our products and services, meeting the specialized needs of our TPA Distribution Partners and insureds. Whether it be a traditional PPO, Medical Reference Based Price or other stop loss programs, we are uniquely positioned to provide tailor made solutions to meet their customer needs.

Using a controlled distribution model, both NUS and their carrier partners deliver personalized and efficient service to a limited number of third party administrators and select producers throughout the country.

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NUS/One80 Services Overview

The target classes and typical risks we focus on for this program are:

Small to medium sized regional third party administrators with:

  • High Service Standard
  • Strong Market Presence
  • An emphasis on Claims Management
  • An interest in Medicare Reference Based Pricing (MRBP)

The highlighted features of this exclusive program include:

  • For stop loss products, the minimum specific deductible is $25,000 (any lower requires single-case approval), and the minimum number of employees is 51
  • Access to vendor partners that specialize in MRBP claims repricing, patient and provider advocacy, plan document preparation and assistance with provider challenges
  • Experience with direct provider contracts or limited network usage
  • Medicare/Reference Based Underwriting
  • Terminal Liability
  • Specific Advance Funding
  • No Laser & Renewal Cap Options
  • Monthly Aggregate Accommodations
  • Aggregated Specific Deductibles

The available coverages we have to offer for this program are:

  • Traditional Stop Loss Coverage
  • Medicare Reference Based Pricing (MRBP)
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Minimum Value Plans (MVP)
  • Captive Underwriting

In order to submit your business with us, please be aware of the following submission requirements:

  • Employer Name & Locations
  • Employer SIC Code
  • Excel Census by Location & Plan Options
  • Specific Deductible (current and proposed)
  • Contract Basis (current and proposed)
  • Current Rates and Factors (Renewal if available)
  • Current and Proposed Benefits
  • Current and Proposed Cost Containment Vendors
  • Current PPO Savings Report
  • Proposed PPO Information
  • 2-3 Years Claims Experience
  • Claim Details at or Expected to Exceed 50% of Specific
  • Deductible
  • Trigger Diagnosis Claims Details

Frequently Asked Questions

What carrier does NUS represent?

NUS underwrites on behalf of Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company.

What is NUS' marketing philosophy?

NUS builds working relationships with its customers based upon a common commitment to excellence, integrity and trust. Through our controlled distribution model, we are able to provide a very high level of service to our clients, carrier and other industry partners. We “think outside the fences” in assisting our clients with their unique needs.

How experienced are your underwriters?

Our underwriters average over 20 years of experience in the stop loss industry. They are dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your traditional, MRBP, MEC, MVP or other self funded benefit program. Our underwriters are assigned to TPAs by area so that each client has direct access to their underwriter.

How does NUS select TPA partners?

NUS selects its TPA partners based on market area presence and a commitment to product and service excellence. We are an excellent fit for small to mid-size TPAs that work primarily with single employer clients in the 51-500 size range and utilize MRBP pricing to control claims costs. Whenever possible, we will try to avoid market conflict within the service areas of our producers.

Does NUS work with brokers?

Yes, on a limited basis. We will consider quoting for brokers subject to TPA approval by NUS.

Does NUS quote Medicare Reference Based Pricing (MRBP)?

Yes, NUS entered this market space many years ago. We have developed and implemented the necessary components to facilitate successful MRBP programs. NUS has the proven experience and track record to assist TPA clients who wish to enter the MRBP market space. NUS is the industry leader in MRBP underwriting.

Does NUS evaluate PPO networks and other types of contractual arrangements?

Yes, we can evaluate a PPO network upon receiving and evaluating the required information located on our NUS Guidelines For Network or Direct Contract Evaluation Form. We can also evaluate specialized, narrow networks or direct contract arrangements. When quoting self-funded cases with experience, we review the PPO savings reports to determine applicable discounts.

Who are marketing contacts for NUS?

Team Bob Bracy Headshot
Bob Bracy, RHU | Vice President Sales
210-695-2381 (ext. 202)

Please contact us for more information. If you have an immediate need please give us a call, our program contact form and email communication are for non urgent items only.

Can’t find the answer?

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in our FAQ’s, please contact one of our representatives or send us an email below. Thank you.

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