Cannasure Annual Agent Survey Results

Thank you to all of the agents who took the time to share your valuable feedback in our 2022 annual agent survey. Similar to last year, we are using your perspective to help shape our business operations in the coming year. Continue reading to hear Cannasure’s Business Development Manager Jim McErlean recap his takeaways on this year’s survey.


Thank you to all of our Agents that completed the annual Cannasure Agency Survey to close out 2022. We strive to get better each year and your insights and responses help us do exactly that which we greatly appreciate. Here’s some quick stats, comments and responses to your comments: nearly 25% of our appointed Agents and Brokers responded to this year’s survey, consistent with our prior years responses. More than 75% of you gave us high marks for the Cannasure MGA program, THANKS!  However, we hoped for such, since we spend a fair amount of time each year with our Carrier & Reinsurance partners, along with our staff, to add capacity and coverages along with seeking support to improve program pricing flexibility. Yet, some critical feedback was received to shorten the application, add more Property capacity, obtain Wind/Hail deductible flexibility and improve overall pricing. We’ve taken all of your suggestions and we have a couple of Reinsurance Summit meetings, both internally and externally, to seek changes for our 2023 program.


While we also received some very nice compliments on most of our staff as well as the additional coverages we’ve added to our Brokerage unit (of which nearly half of all respondents said they use for coverages such as Work Comp, Auto & EPL), we also received some constructive criticism on Customer Service (in all of its forms).  This message was received loud and clear and we have a number of great items to share with you:  We’ve received approval to hire 2 additional staff members immediately, which will help balance out our book of business.  We’ve restructured our Account Management team to have DEDICATED assignments to our top 75 Agencies with a regional assignment structure for the balance of our book.  Examples would be Amanda McNulty receiving the entire state of CA, while Mary Beth has AZ & NV, Jessica has New York & New Jersey, Jeff has OR & WA, Kyle has nearly all of our Wholesalers and Sherwin has the states of IL & MI.  That’s just sample of the reassignments, but it’s based on YOUR feedback to provide a better relationship building opportunity while improving our service to our Agents.  Further, we’re announcing a GREATLY STREAMLINED renewal process, where you will NOT be asked to provide a Cannabis application.  We’ll be previewing our new renewal process over the coming couple of days – we’re very excited to meet your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations on these service improvements.


Finally, many Agents shared specific comments of which you’ll be receiving a personal call from Jim McErlean, if you haven’t already.  We wanted to address all comments to reflect our commitment to you and to improving Cannasure.  We thank you very much for the feedback and are happy to share the 5 winners of our drawing in the next segment!