One80 Admitted BOP and WC for Small Commercial Businesses

One80 is pleased to announce our Admitted BOP and Workers’ Compensation Coverage is now available for small commercial businesses in low to medium hazard groups.  One80 has in-house binding authority, and it is available in all but a handful of states!


Target Classes


BOP Coverage Workers’ Compensation Coverage
Artisan Contractors Food Service
Professional Services (Offices) Retail; Apparel, Electronics
Mercantile/Retail and Wholesale Distributors Wholesale/Distribution
Restaurants with or without liquor sales Office
Processing and Service Service; Barber Shops
Lessors’ Risk Educational Services

The Highlighted Features this program has to offer include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • General Liability – up to $10M sales or 50K sqft
  • Commercial Property – up to $7.5M TIV per location
  • Business Income
  • Crime
  • EPL on some classes
  • Personal Property Off-Premises up to $15,000

Submission Requirements for this program are:

  • Acord Applications
  • Financials
  • Loss History

For more information, please contact The One80 Commercial Binding Team at

For all general inquiries on One80 Intermediaries please email: