Clinical Newsletter: Healthcare Updates March 2023





  • Vaccinations: 1 booster is enough. The CDC updated its COVID-19 vaccine guidance, stating that one updated dose is enough even for individuals who
    received their last vaccination more than six months ago Read more
  • What Happens When COVID-19 Emergency Declarations End? Implications for Coverage, Costs, and Access Kaiser Family Foundation
    • Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (JHU Has Stopped Collecting Data as of 03 /10/ 2023 after three years of around-the-clock tracking of COVID-19 data from around the world.)


  • TikTok can’t be ignored’: How hospital marketing chiefs weigh the platform’s risks, rewards Beckers
  • FDA Approves First Over-the-Counter Naloxone Nasal Spray to Reduce Drug Overdose Deaths Being Driven Primarily by Illicit Opioids Link
  • Colorectal Cancer Is Becoming More Common In Young People. Diagnoses nearly doubled in people younger than 55 in recent years Link
  • Bruce Willis’ Frontotemporal Dementia Is Not Your Grandpa’s Dementia Medscape



  • mRNA Pancreatic Cancer vaccine trial shows promising results. Half of the patients given the vaccine remained free of pancreatic cancer 18 months later. As it stands, more than half of people with pancreatic cancer die within three months. Read more
  • PBM Fees Put the “GER” in Danger for Specialty Pharmacies AJMC
  • Humira Biosimilars with anticipated launch dates Link
  • Amazon Pharmacy adds manufacturer coupons for some brand name drugs
  • Experts urge Pharma to Invest in new drugs to combat antibiotic resistance warning the globe could face a “doomsday scenario” if more effort isn’t invested in new drug development Read more



  • There is a worrying amount of fraud in medical research And a worrying unwillingness to do anything about it The Economist
  • Utah lab owner pleads guilty to $89M fraud scheme Link
  • Home health company owners charged in $8.7M fraud scheme Beckers
  • The Department of Justice- Fraud Division, Case Summaries



  • Cancer Survival Predicted by AI Reading Oncologists’ Notes Medscape
  •  Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends Link
  •  How technology will shape healthcare in 2023



  • CVS closed $8B deal for Signify Health
  • Ohio Sues Express Scripts and Prime Therapeutics For Price Fixing Formulary Watch
  • 3 New, and High-Cost, Gene Therapies are Expected This Year Formulary Watch
  • The Increasing Access to Biosimilars Act of 2023 Introduced to Congress AJMC
  • Reference Based Pricing vs PPO 6degreeshealth
  • AMA: Payers should cover over-the-counter naloxone Beckerspayer
  • UnitedHealth insurance unit to cut use of prior authorization process Reuters



  • 5 Texas women denied abortions sue the state, saying the bans put them in danger
  • Ozempic prescriptions can be easy to get online. Its popularity for weight loss is hurting those who need it most CNN Health
  • What’s the difference? Chemotherapy and immunotherapy Link
  • Lawmakers to reintroduce federal nurse staffing ratio bill Health Care Dive


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