The Insurer TV Interviews Chris Pesce and Matt Roper

The One80 Vessel Liability Program was recently named 2023 Program Launch of the Year at the Program Manager Awards in New York City!  After the ceremony, Christopher Pesce, National Programs Practice Leader, One80 Intermediaries, Matthew Roper, Marine Practice Leader, One80 Intermediaries, and Andrew Shaw, Vice President, P&C Programs, Nationwide E&S/Specialty were interviewed by Sophie Roberts, Head of The Insurer TV!  Click here for full interview.

The One80 Vessel Liability Program provides comprehensive liability coverage for charter vessels, including commercial fishing boats, tour boats, and other types of marine vessels. It offers specialized coverage that is tailored to the unique needs of charter vessel operators, and is available to individual boat renters throughout all 50 states including Florida!  The program offers a seamless integrated approach for renters to shop and book their rentals, while providing critical risk mitigation for the rental facilities by automating, documenting and educating the renter throughout the checkout process.


The One80 Vessel Liability Program is available through insurtech platform vQuip – an end-to-end operational platform serving a wide range of rental businesses from equipment, recreational sports, and boating.  The unique platform simplifies the operational processes related to booking, billing, documentation, and risk mitigation while facilitating the insurance purchasing process, all in a few easy steps at the point of sale.


The program is offered in partnership with Nationwide Insurance, who offers significant experience with rentals and marinas.  The company is highly adaptive and allows One80 to handle claims on their behalf.  The partnership provides coverage for a wide range of liabilities, including bodily injury, property damage, pollution liability, and more.  


The 2023 Program Launch of the Year recognized a new product launch that broke boundaries in terms of innovation and increasing the size and scope of the market, and challenged the market status quo. Winning criteria included an efficiently structured, well priced and successfully executed initiative.  Judges were particularly looking for evidence of successful take-up and profitable implementation of the initiative.


Thank you to One80’s Marine Practice, Chris, Matt, The Insurer,  as well as our partners at Nationwide Insurance and vQuip for the success and recognition of the One80 Vessel Program.